About Us

Our Family Endeavour
With The Founding Mother-Daughter Duo,
Who believes every woman
can have the
Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Journey she desires.

The Founders


Rangimarie grew up and trained in Whangarei, New Zealand. 

She is the second eldest of 10 children and often had the responsibility of helping to raise her younger siblings. 

At age twenty-one, and as a single mum, she decided to train as a Registered Nurse. She then furthered her studies and became a Midwife.

Since then, she went on to have her massive family of six children – with a further eight grandchildren and counting!

 As a Midwife with three decades worth of experience birthing babies, and caring for women; 

her experience ranges from public hospitals, private hospitals, home births, water births, ranging across countless cultural environments, in multiple countries and many more!

Which means she has been present at A LOT of births!

Presently, she practises as a Private Midwife helping and empowering women to trust their bodies, and birthing their baby in the privacy of their own homes.


Bonnie is a qualified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. 

With over sixteen years of experience in various dancing disciplines, she naturally progressed to study the mechanics of the human body. 

Which only further evolved when she became pregnant with her first child – Amina.

With an already keen knowledge on the body and how it functioned on an everyday level; this new journey of pregnancy caused her to become fascinated in the changes that took place within her own body.

Postnatally she used the Traditional method of Malaysian Bengkung Belly Binding.

This is when she developed the idea to create something that was easier to apply. As opposed to the whopping eighteen metres of fabric which made up the Bengkung! 
Now a mother of two, Bonnie contributes to providing products that enhance and simplify the motherhood journey


From Our Family To Yours

Not only is this a Mother – Daughter founded business

But it is also a family run venture!

From designing the luxurious product all the way to packaging and sending you order;

each and every single step has been meticulously poured over by a member in our family.

Where we’re only happy to share what has worked for the many members of our family

Which ensures satisfaction with the products we provide to yours.


It’s amazing product. I’m so happy. It’s support my back, and my tummy Almost gone after 4 days of using it. But I’m going to use it until I can come back to exercise. So my posture is stay nice and correct. Thank you for wonderful creation!!!!

Tatiana | Mother | Personal Trainer

Amina is perfectly designed to support the hips in addition to the abdomen which is incredible. It is SO important to have proper pressure on the hips and pelvic region while wrapping. Amina is so comfortable and comforting, it's like a big hug.

Khrysin | Mother | Birth Doula

It's great! It's so comfortable and I love how it comes right up under my shoulders as it helps me stand up straight! I feel really supported in it and have to tighten it throughout the day as my midsection becomes more engaged and less floppy haha. So easy to use too. Thank you so much for this, such a blessing! Xo

Ray Ann | Home Birthing | Mother

Oh, Postpartum ladies... this @uninalife binding support system is absolutely incredible! With each of my little ones, I have struggled with various levels of diastasis recti- and I unfortunately never sought support for my body postpartum to help correct it. I wish I had this during that first year postpartum when my body was struggling to heal and find a new normal. If you are looking for something to help your body heal and feel supported through your postpartum journey, I would highly recommend checking this wrap out. It is SO easy to use, and I can't wait to show each of my clients how they can wrap their healing bodies! Thank you so much for this, such a blessing! Xo

Jennifer | Mother of 3 | Birth Doula

Sam started wearing the Unina Bengkung wrap 24 hours after giving birth to her second child. She noted straight away the support it provided and within a few weeks she wanted to go for a run as it had helped her body heal and feel normal again so quickly. Her chiropractor also pointed out that it improved her posture tremendously!The biggest stand out point for Sam was that what she achieved in 6 weeks of just wearing the wrap and zero exercise, took her 9 months with exercise with her first pregnancy. She is getting compliments constantly and have other mums asking her how she did it.She can not recommend it enough!Thank you so much for this, such a blessing! Xo

Sam | Mother of 2 | Swim Coach