Frequently Asked Questions

Measure your hips and belly and the widest points. Then use the larger measurement of the two, to determine your size.

The Unina Bengkung Wrap has the best results when worn for 12 hours within a 24hour period, and a minimum of 6 weeks.

The Unina Bengkung Wrap is most effective in the first 6 weeks after birth when the hormone Relaxin is still at its highest in the body. However, it can still be present in the system for upto 5 months postpartum so the wrap can still be effective for up to 5 months Postpartum.

It is recommended that the Unina Bengkung Wrap is not worn for more than 20 hours within a 24 hour period. You want your abdominal muscles to regain their own strength and not become reliant on a belly binder.

It takes around 2 business days to process the order once placed

The delivery time is determined by your location.

Australia: 3 – 6 business days

USA: 10 – 15 business days

Malaysia: 8 – 14 business days

If your answer is not clarified in the above timeframes, feel free to contact us.

Australia: $19.99 (AUD)

USA: $26.90 (AUD)

Malaysia: $24.99 (AUD)

If your answer is not clarified in the above timeframes, feel free to contact us.

We do not offer returns on Promotional Sales. eg. Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Percentage Off etc We can offer a refund for Full Price Products that have not been used/worn. The refund will be minus the postage cost. Simply message us, with your order number and we will provide further details.

It’s amazing product. I’m so happy. It’s support my back, and my tummy Almost gone after 4 days of using it. But I’m going to use it until I can come back to exercise. So my posture is stay nice and correct. Thank you for wonderful creation!!!!

Tatiana | Mother | Personal Trainer

Amina is perfectly designed to support the hips in addition to the abdomen which is incredible. It is SO important to have proper pressure on the hips and pelvic region while wrapping. Amina is so comfortable and comforting, it's like a big hug.

Khrysin | Mother | Birth Doula

It's great! It's so comfortable and I love how it comes right up under my shoulders as it helps me stand up straight! I feel really supported in it and have to tighten it throughout the day as my midsection becomes more engaged and less floppy haha. So easy to use too. Thank you so much for this, such a blessing! Xo

Ray Ann | Home Birthing | Mother

Oh, Postpartum ladies... this @uninalife binding support system is absolutely incredible! With each of my little ones, I have struggled with various levels of diastasis recti- and I unfortunately never sought support for my body postpartum to help correct it. I wish I had this during that first year postpartum when my body was struggling to heal and find a new normal. If you are looking for something to help your body heal and feel supported through your postpartum journey, I would highly recommend checking this wrap out. It is SO easy to use, and I can't wait to show each of my clients how they can wrap their healing bodies! Thank you so much for this, such a blessing! Xo

Jennifer | Mother of 3 | Birth Doula

Sam started wearing the Unina Bengkung wrap 24 hours after giving birth to her second child. She noted straight away the support it provided and within a few weeks she wanted to go for a run as it had helped her body heal and feel normal again so quickly. Her chiropractor also pointed out that it improved her posture tremendously!The biggest stand out point for Sam was that what she achieved in 6 weeks of just wearing the wrap and zero exercise, took her 9 months with exercise with her first pregnancy. She is getting compliments constantly and have other mums asking her how she did it.She can not recommend it enough!Thank you so much for this, such a blessing! Xo

Sam | Mother of 2 | Swim Coach