9 Essential Bengkung Belly Binding Facts!

“It’s like a nice big hug” – Remarks made by many reviewers after their Bengkung Belly Binding experience.

bengkung belly binding
A modern innovative design on the traditional Bengkung Belly Binder

Want to know more before doing Bengkung Belly Binding?
This blog is all about the amazing benefits of bengkung and what you must know before getting started.
You’ll find out how it improves your overall body and recovery. All while maintaining comfort and ease with your new baby.

The term “Bengkung belly binding” may seem like a mouthful. No ones blaming you if you skipped over the term instead of reading it. But don’t worry, that’s the hardest part of this postpartum wonder that has worked it’s magic for many women over the centuries. That’s right, it’s been around for a very long time despite what social media and the many celebrities that use this method may lead you to believe. Belly binding is a traditional practice that has been used in many parts of the world. Mainly in Latin America, Europe, Asia and most notably the Bengkung Belly Binder which originates from Malaysia.

Now what exactly is it, you might say? Long story short, the traditional method incorporated by Mamas all around the world involved wrapping a whopping length of fabric that is 9 inches wide and over 14 metres long around the abdomen. And by doing so, it would hasten the process of recovery from pregnancy.

Bengkung Belly Binding Cloth Material

The material is usually natural. Many prefer a cotton material that is smooth and soft to the touch but strong and durable. That when treated with the appropriate care, maintains its shape and is reliable for many wears. There is also the use of muslin as it is sturdy and can yield the same results, and some don’t seem to mind the texture of the material.

Bengkung Belly Binding Benefits

For maximum effectiveness belly binding should be implemented soon after giving birth. Which around 5 days postnatally is the ideal time. There after, the belly binder should be worn at least 10 hours a day over 40 days or so. After this time, the muscles that the Bengkung Belly Binder supports should have regained enough strength to begin to support themselves. In which the transition into everyday activities is made smoother. However, if it is felt the binder could be used a little longer while the muscles regain strength – then it is easy to do so in order to get that extra bit of support during light exercises and for postural support.

Posture, Back And Midsection Support

The posture itself is heavily impacted throughout the entire ordeal of pregnancy and postnatally. As the centre of gravity shifts and shifts the spine off centre with it, this is one contributing factor to a decline in posture. Then with the array of hormonal changes which effectives your muscles, this is another contributor. Plus with your organs being shifted around to accommodate a baby, then shifted again once the baby is birthed – there’s no wonder why the posture and midsection may be screaming out for support!

The beauty of a Bengkung Belly Binder in this situation is that it provides that much needed support. Wrapping from the ribs, down the abdomen and to the hips – it’s often described by many to be be like a “nice big hug”. As it holds the midsection allowing for the organs to return to their pre-pregnancy position and also supports the spine to realign to it’s optimal state.

Which means there is that much needed support when feeding baby, as there is an easy inclination to slouch over due to reduced core strength. All the while maintaining good posture during the usual daily activities in life, around the house and for the new baby. Giving your muscles and ligaments that extra bit of structure that was taxed from pregnancy and everything that came after.

Hip Realignment

Along with stabilising the loose ligaments in the core, there is also stabilisation of the hips that the Bengkung Belly Binder provides. During pregnancy and labour, the hips actually widen to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal more easily. Thus leaving the hips wider and altering the position of the pelvis. By using a Bengkung Belly Binder, this tends to assist the hips to recover to their original state.

Organ Assistance

Not only is Bengkung Belly Binding great for supporting posture and hip realignment, but also it providing support for organs. As mentioned earlier with the expansion and retraction of the uterus, naturally the organs around the growing baby will shift. This contributes to Diastasis Recti which most experience during pregnancy. The binding will encourage the unison of the abdominal muscle walls that separated to cause Diastasis Recti. All the meanwhile aiding in the recovery process.

Reduce After Birth Contraction Pain

Another beauty that binding offers is easing the discomfort of uterine involution. Once the baby is delivered, the body will experience contractions known as uterine involution. This is often known as an after birth contraction pain and can be quite uncomfortable. Binding can ease the discomfort associated with this process.

Customizable Fit

Given the design of the traditional Bengkung Belly Binder, it is a long strip of fabric. Therefore there are no restrictions on needing to squeeze yourself into a garment. It is not like waist training or a part of a weight loss routine. Traditional Bengkung Belly Binding is simply a supportive device. This will take about 15 – 20 minutes to apply. There should be a sense of compression but it should still be comfortable enough to function and breathe normally.

Reduces Fluid Retention

Often times an aspect of birthing that gets overlooked is the fluid retention that occurs once the baby is delivered. What happens is much like how an ankle is sprained. The body sends fluid to the area to help in the healing process. Which is also what happens after the birthing process. Fuid is sent to the midsection to aide in the healing process. However, like how an ankle is bandaged up and compressed to allow the area to heal faster, the midsection can be compressed after birthing to also allow the area to heal faster. By allowing belly binding to occur, this will reduce the likeliness of further stretch marks from the increase in fluid retention and also speed up to process of recovery from birth.

This image depicts fluid retention. Bengkung belly binding before and after

C Section Recovery

Now after hearing about all these great aspects of Bengkung Belly Binding, there may be one stone left unturned and that is whether or not the Bengkung Belly Binder is safe to use for C section recovery. Just like any other medical procedure, there needs to be clearance given from a doctor. And once the thumbs up has been given, then of course you can start belly binding too!

Bengkung Belly Binding Near Me

Although it’s a practice that’s been around for centuries all over many different cultures, it’s understandable how incorporating this “new” procedure can have its points of confusion. However, there are ways around it if you’re questioning your binding techniques. There are some clinics that practice belly binding, in which they can teach you, or whoever is assisting you how to do it. This will take over 15 minutes to apply correctly. And these clinics can easily be found with a simple google search of “Bengkung belly binding near me”

Modern Bengkung Belly Binders

Or there’s the goof proof way in which many have come to love. And that’s through using one of the innovative Bengkung Belly Binders available on the market today. In particular the Bengkung Belly Binder by Unina is a newly developed method still incorporating the tradition functions.

This belly binder incorporates the smooth cotton. Which is necessary in most effective binders for a comfortable experience, as it holds everything securely. Plus, thought has also been given to the application. A girdle like design with Venus straps has been incorporated for a faster, more manageable approach. Where not only is it hassle free but also more easily adjustable for bathroom breaks or a more snug or relaxed fit. Whatever the issue is with the traditional method, Unina has reverse engineered most, if not all of them and solved it with their innovative design

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Given the vastness of the internet these days and all the online stores, there are many options available for Bengkung Belly Binding. It’s a tradition that’s been passed through the generations and is now rejuvenated. With the evolution of modern approaches, the Bengkung Belly Binding still suits the needs and lifestyle of today. Where the innovations allow it to maintain it’s relevance and effectiveness.

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