Baby Shower Ideas – What NOT To Forget!

Let’s celebrate your new arrival and the beautiful you! Get everything you need sorted with this super simple baby shower ideas post

baby shower ideas

Another amazing milestone to throw a great event for!

You will know what food, theme, outfit, games, gifts, invitations and more will be involved with these baby shower ideas

So don’t miss a thing when it comes to this memorable moment!

It’s time to celebrate! Life has many momentous occasions, and the welcoming in of your newest baby is one of, if not the greatest moment in any expecting mothers life. The heralding in of a cute little character and the wonder of all they will be. Not to mention the heralding in of new found characteristics that awaken within when becoming a mother. It’s a major transitional moment which calls for a baby shower! And we’ve curated a list of baby shower ideas to make the most out yours and your new arrivals day.

baby shower food

What Food To Get

Let’s start where any event starts, and that’s with the food. It’s best to have finger-friendly, easy-to-eat and obviously delicious food. With a quick squiz through Pinterest, you’ll find literally tonnes of baby shower food ideas. From the relatively healthy end of juicy fruit skewers and rich charcuterie boards embellished with all the crackers, dips, hummus, nuts and whatever other nibbles fit on there. All the way to doughnut walls, chocolate stations and fun little mock tails. Plus if ever there were a time to do it, baby shower cupcakes! It’s almost a tradition you must have at any baby shower.  Maybe try some that are personalised, or just cute ideas you’ve seen around and always wanted to try out, or even ones that suit your theme. When it comes to food it doesn’t need to be an all out catered event, but it can be one of the ways you spoil yourself and try out some fun cute snacks you’ve always wanted to!

Baby Shower Themes

Running off themed cupcakes, there clearly needs to be baby shower themes. Things just appear smoother and tied together when there’s one common theme. Otherwise the imagination can run wild on these events and before you know it, it’s an eyesore. Some ideas include gender neutral themes where a colour palette is chosen and that’s the colour of the baby shower decorations, ballon’s and flower arrangements. Or some include season specific themes like “bumble bees” and “daisy’s” for spring, “whimsical pumpkins” for autumn, “beach” for summer, and “winter wonderlands” for winter. The themes to choose from are really endless, the biggest mission will be whittling it down to just one!

Baby shower dress

What To Wear!

Now enough about dressing the place, let’s talk about dressing yourself! The star of the event, besides your mini-me you’re baking away of course. You want to be comfortable AND presentable. As much as we’d all love trackies and an oversized hoodie a dress is your best bet. Something that’s light and comfortable that compliments your style goes well. A fitted dress or maxi dress for a more formal look or a sundress for a more casual easy going event. Whichever the choice, something convenient, easy to move in and presentable – will go perfectly.

Baby Shower Games

So you may ask, with all appearance stuff sorted. What happens during a baby shower? It’s quite simple really. It’s all about the food, gifts and games with the people you care about. Some unique and entertaining games for your guests can include a “Blind Diaper Change”, where they change a diaper on a ballon while blindfolded and whoever completes it first wins but make sure not to pop that balloon otherwise you’re out! Or try “Baby Food Tasting”, where it’s a blind taste test to see who guesses the most right, you can be a bit cheeky and put in some not so favourite ones for the surprised and comical reactions. Or how about a “Baby Name Race” where whoever can fill out the baby names from A-Z first, wins. Extra points if they’re creative or funny.

baby shower gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Along with the entertainment and food, it’s a tradition to have baby shower gifts. Unless you like an abundance of soft toys, many mums aren’t a fan of the excessI’ve amount they receive. To help curb this you can make a gift registry or put the whispers out among the friends and family invited of the kinds of things you’d prefer. Some things might include subscriptions for the diapers and wipes, baby clothes, parenting books or even bedtime books for several months down the track if you’re in the habit of keeping things safe, just in case.

Baby Shower Invitations

And once all the details are sorted, it’s time to jot them down in the baby shower invitations. Some crowd favourites include the sweetest little ultrasound picture on top, custom caricature invitations or given the day of technology – a video invitation prepared by the parents-to-be. They can be the classics in the mail, they can be the modern through technology, or they can be the convenient through group chats/invites. Either way, it’s all up to you and how creative or how convenient you’d like things to be.

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Most of all with baby showers they are to be a celebration! Full of excitement, joy and memories. With this day and age you can invite whoever you like and do so however you like. Ultimately the highlight is to be on you and your arrival of your new baby. With this being a beautiful moment to mark the occasion.

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