Doula – EVERYTHING You Must Know Before Hiring One!


Want to know what is a Doula? And how they can help your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey?

You will know what a Doula can do for you. What questions to ask when choosing one. And why they’re a beautiful companion to assist your journey.

Here’s everything you need to know to make a more informed decision about your doula!

Doula Meaning

What is a doula? A doula is a knowledgeable and compassionate professional who provides an invaluable service for those going through major life transitions. The doula definition literally means “woman who serves” in ancient Greek, and that couldn’t be more true! Doulas are focused on providing guidance during childbirth or other significant health-related experiences. They strive to make their clients feel safe and comfortable – complementing the role of healthcare experts by offering emotional support throughout any transition period you may experience. With a birth doula present at your side, you can embark on this journey feeling more confident than ever before! Helping you feel safe and comfortable in what can be quite a challenging experience.

Birth Doula

A birth doula is a companion to provide physical support and emotional reassurance before, during and after childbirth. They are often the same person as a postpartum doula. They can suggest positions that may help reduce labour pain as well as guide your breathing patterns that will relax both you and baby! Popular comfort measures like massage, hot packs or aromatherapy are great relaxation tools too! With their attentive presence they will also make sure that the birthing environment meets all of your wishes while minimizing any distractions at this magical time in life. 

Lastly but not least – don’t forget about those invaluable pieces of guidance offered by a doula on how best to communicate your desired birth plan with midwives & doctors caring for you! With their training in providing comprehensive childbirth assistance it’s easy to understand why more expecting parents are teaming up with them: go into pregnancy knowing someone has got your back every step of the way!

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum doulas are invaluable champions for parents in the first weeks and months after their little one arrives. They provide valuable educational support, practical assistance around the home as well to help relieve stress levels, plus emotional encouragement and sleep guidance too! Whether it’s breastfeeding or bottle-feeding tips you need – postpartum doulas have your back.

(Feeling a bit down after giving birth? Want to know if it’s something more serious?)

What Does A Doula Do

Supporting someone during childbirth involves much more than just being there! It includes providing physical comfort through massages, posture support and maintaining hydration; offering emotional support with comforting words or gentle encouragement; empowering the birthing woman to make informed decisions about their own body and baby in collaboration with health providers; as well as equipping them with helpful information concerning pain relief options. These are all aspects in which doula services are effective

For new families adjusting to the hectic life of having a baby, their services can be a much-needed source of emotional and practical help. From infant care tips, breastfeeding guidance, partner support for expecting couples or siblings trying to adjust – they have you covered! Plus get physical comfort techniques like massage therapy & breathing exercises that’ll give expectant mamas relief throughout labor and postpartum period. Feel supported anytime with all the info your family needs!

Studies have even shown that this one-on-one attention may lead to increased pain relief meditation success rates , fewer C sections needed, shorter labors and more positive overall experiences in giving birth. Proving there are many benefits to having a doula and their wonderful services.


Doula Training

Interested in hiring a doula? It’s important to understand the varying levels of training and doula certification. Depending on where you are in the world there may not even be any legal requirement for professional certifications. It’s worth researching different courses they may take, so that you can find one which suits your individual requirements. Ultimately anyone is able to refer to themselves as a Doula.

Many participate in certificate programs like the one offered by DONA International which includes coursework as well as attending live births. Requirements vary from place to place so make sure you’re looking into what specific requirements your doula needs to meet! It’s also essential to make sure they have a Working With Children Check. 

The great news is most doulas offer obligation-free interviews for you to get acquainted with them before making any commitments. 

To make sure your needs are met, it can be helpful to ask some important questions during this interview such as:

  • what type of training or experience do they possess?
  • why did they become passionate about being a doula in the first place? 
  • How can they provide additional support if your baby arrives earlier than expected?
  • Will there always be someone available should doubts arise – either related directly or indirectly towards the pregnancy/birth process?
  • And do they specialize in postnatal support such as massage therapy, yoga or acupuncture?

This way you’ll feel comfortable knowing exactly who you’re working alongside through one of life’s biggest milestones! 

Disadvantages Of Doulas

Navigating through medical settings as a doula can be tricky. There’s the power dynamics between patient and provider. All the while ensuring that their role is respected within this hierarchy as they advocate their clients needs. It’s important to note however, that although they are an invaluable part of childbirth experience, doulas cannot provide any type of medical advice or change clinical recommendations made by those in charge.

Access to doula care can be a financial hurdle for many people—but hope is not lost. While out-of-pocket payment remains the norm, an increasing number of state Medicaid programs and private insurance companies are providing coverage options that make this form of support more accessible. However, fees and policies vary greatly among providers so it’s important to check in with your insurer about what might work best for you!

Doula VS Midwife

For additional support during this pivotal time, doulas offer emotional or physical help so families feel more confident on their journey from expecting parents to welcoming new ones!

Meanwhile, entrusting your pregnancy and childbirth to medical professionals can be a daunting task, which is why trusting the care of midwives may provide an invaluable sense of security. With specialized training in pre-natal care as well as birth delivery, these experts are there every step of the way with knowledge that reassures you and prepares for any potential complication.

Where ultimately the doula provides the emotional and mental support throughout the journey like a well informed friend. Whereas a midwife provides the medical and practical support during the vital procedures.

doula meaning

Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum Tips

The more information the merrier! Here are some doula tips, often provided by doulas to make the journey a bit easier.

Consider YOU too!

New moms, let’s take care of you! Prepare for postpartum with self-care items from your registry. Connect with friends and family to obtain the essentials that will help keep YOU feeling healthy and nourished during those difficult moments – like soothing Sitz bath herbs, thoughtful gift cards to body workers offering recovery assistance after birth, or delicious ready-made meals delivered straight to your door!

Your professional friend

When you hire a doula, they should be the perfect combination of supportive friend and experienced birth professional—think your very own cheerleader guiding you through labor!

what is a doula

Have Options

Before hiring a doula, take the time to have meaningful conversations with at least 3-4 potential candidates. This is your chance to get an impression of who would be the best fit for you in terms of both credentials and connection; someone that truly listens to what matters most while providing understanding and support as well!

Your labouring snacks

When you’re in need of a pick-me-up, explore your cravings! Choose nourishing foods that will provide comfort and be easy on the digestive system. You could try popsicles or some nuts for crunch; warm broth or favorite fruits. Also liquids like juice add an extra burst of flavor. Just make sure you don’t eat anything too tough to handle!

Mental and emotional preparation

Are you a first-time parent feeling nervous about childbirth? Don’t worry – it’s normal to have some fears! The best way to ensure that those worries don’t hold back your labor is by addressing them and tucking away any anxieties in the ‘trunk’. Set up an environment for birth where relaxation, comfort, and a bit of romance intersect. Make sure spa meets date night: just think how nice it will be having this special time with your partner when baby arrives!

Stay educated

To give yourself the best start in life, gaining knowledge of childbirth is essential. Follow your curiosity and explore different options. Watch births, join a childbirth class, or listen to inspiring birth stories shared by others. Consider each opinion with care; are they aligned with what matters most to you? Get organized early on. Make sure that your priorities gel well with those of any healthcare providers who will be part of the journey!

Have Community

With a new baby on the way, it’s easy to fill your wishlist with everything you think will help. However, beneath all the toys and contraptions is something far more important for parents and their bundle of joy – nourishment and rest! Make sure you reach out early to create that supportive village long before baby arrives. So those first few months will be as relaxing & healing as possible.

Postpartum meals

Make sure to prepare some nourishing meals for yourself after your bundle of joy arrives. Whether you make it yourself or order it in. Taking care of your body is key, so give it all the nutrients and goodness that you need!

This post was all about doulas and the information you’ll need to help make a decision when hiring one.

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